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Best ceramic knives review

Do You Know What Ceramic Knife is?

You will know about ceramic knife by reading this best ceramic knives review. Ceramic knife is new kind of knife on the market. Thanks to continuous advance in material technology. You can spend all day using them and your wrist will never get sore. You will always have the energy to keep cooking with ceramic knife. Ceramic knives are harder than a stainless steel and keep the edge ten times longer.  If you hate to sharpen your knife then you must have a ceramic knife. So you do not need to sharpen ceramic knife.

The ceramic knife is rust proof, light weighted, easy to clean and perfect complement to your kitchen tool. Ceramic knife will retain its edge a lot longer and also ceramic knife is more hygienic. It is very easy to care and maintenance and more hygienic. Ceramic knives are naturally germ resistant due to their non-porous build keep harmful bacteria out of your food.

Material of Ceramic Knife

Ceramic knives are particularly weightless, extremely hard and stable. Ceramic knife made of hard Ceramic. The knife blades are made from zirconium oxide. When processed this material becomes almost as hard as a diamond. Do you know that the only thing harder than ceramic is diamond! This material makes it superior to steel and other alternative kitchen knives. Ceramic is usually a very high melting material. It has high hardness and it has a lot of brittleness but it is made from a metal combined with another element. The other element is usually oxygen, carbon, nitrogen or for long. Probably the best thing about ceramics is their high melting temperature. The fact is ceramic is many times harder than steel. Most people don’t realize this until they switch to ceramic.

Uses of Ceramic Knife

Ceramic knife is razor sharp and feather light. You can use a ceramic knife, you can cut …. and …. Cut day in and day out… and that knife will be just as sharp as when you bought it. So you will always have the energy to keep cooking with ceramic knife. Ceramic knives are perfect for dicing and slicing vegetables, fruits and boneless meats. The ceramic knife can slice a loaf of bread. Do not carving, boning, cutting frozen foods, prying and slicing cheese with carving knives. You should use ceramic knife on a wooden board or plastic cutting board. An experienced chef should not replace their entire set of kitchen knives instead added this specialty tool to complement and enhance their existing arsenals.

How to Take Care of Ceramic Knives

  • Don’t use the side of the blade to smash garlic or other items and never apply force to the side of the blade;
  • Only use ceramic knife with wood, silicon or rubber cutting boards.
  • Do not use of glass, marble, stone or other hard materials will cause chipping of the knives.
  • Hand wash with water or detergent only, no abrasives.
  • Do not place in the dishwasher. The knives may chip when knocked against other objects in the dishwasher.
  • Keep knife in blade cover when not in use! The chances of the knives chipping or blunting are greatly reduced when in the blade covers.
  • Do not use the knives to cut bone or frozen foods to avoid chipping or breakage.
  • Do not use the knives to pry, flex or twist. Ceramic knives are not designed to cut pumpkins or remove avocado seeds. You can avoid breaking the knives by using common sense and grabbing a steel or more suitable knife if you need to do any prying or twisting.
  • Knives can break if dropped onto a hard surface such as tile/ceramic flooring or ceramic/steel sinks.
  • Always clean after use. Although the knives are non-adhesive, bacteria can form if food debris is left on the knives.
  • Do not use the knife edge to scrape food from the cutting board. Always use the back edge of the knife to do this action.
  • Only use a diamond type disk to sharpen the knives. Do not use an ordinary knife sharpener.
  • Keep the knives away from children. Please supervise any use of the knives. Ensure the knife covers are on the knives when not in use to prevent anyone being cut inadvertently.
  • Never put the blade over an open flame.

Benefits and Advantages of Ceramic Knife

  • Ceramic knife is harder than a stainless steel;
  • It will retain its edge a lot longer;
  • Light weighted and very comfortable;
  • Ceramic knife is more hygienic;
  • Easy to care and maintenance;
  • Avoiding the hassle of constant sharpening;
  • Naturally germ resistant due to their non-porous build keep harmful bacteria out of your food;
  • Ceramic knives will never absorb oil or leave a metallic taste your food

Difference Between Steel Knife and Ceramic Knife

  • Ceramic knife is sharper than steel knife. Steel knife is easier to sharp. Ceramic knife can be sharp with a diamond sharpener.
  • You can cut everything with steel knife. Steel knife can cut hard cheese, frozen meat; you can cut through bones without any trouble. Also can store steel knife on a magnetic rack as well. You can cut through salads, lettuce with ceramic knife and it will not do anything bad.

You will need steel knife because you will do everything with it. However if you use a ceramic knife you will extend the life of your steel knife and it will help to make better food.

Best Ceramic Knives Review

We have selected top five ceramic knife and reviewed them below. We believe that the review will help you to select the best ceramic knife for your kitchen tasks.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set

kyocera ceramic knife review

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic knife have a lifetime warranty for both sharpness and breakage. So you break the knife and send it to them and they will send you a new one. One of the misconception about ceramic knives is that they are extremely brittle and that used to be the case. But with Kyocera knives they are not brittle. Because these knives can be actually flexes. Ceramic itself is almost as hard as a diamond. That makes this knife probably the one that would hold the edge the longest. So what you’re wondering is how well it will cut. The knife cuts marvelously. This knife primarily used for vegetables, for meats with no bone and not for frozen food. This is you need to see that this not as your only kitchen knife but as something that complements the rest of your kitchen knives. If you’ve ever thought about a ceramic knife, we recommend this Kyocera ceramic knife. They are both a great value and a great knife.

Kyocera three (03) pieces Ceramic cutlery knife set manufactured by Kyocera Advanced Ceramics. This knife set included one six inch (6’’) chef’s knife which is an all-purpose knife. The six inch chef knife is best for slicing of boneless meats and fish, vegetables, fruits etc. Also include one five inch (5’’) micro serrated knife with serrated edge. The serrated knife glides through waxy skins or any food with a soft middle and tough skin like tomatoes. You will get one three inch (3’’) paring knife with this set. This three inch paring knife is best for mincing, trimming, peeling, and creating garnishes. Kyocera Industrial Ceramics will replace if your knife set is damaged.  

Kyocera three piece ceramic knife set is a practical set for home-cook, handy, easy to use, efficient and most popular combinations.

DALSTRONG Ceramic Chef Knife – Infinity Blade

Best ceramic knifes

DALSTRONG Ceramic Chef Knife – Infinity Blade is a top rated ceramic knife manufactured by Dalstrong Inc. This is a nice professional eight inch best ceramic knife. This knife is best for cutting and slicing and dicing and all this good stuff that needed one for the kitchen for a long time. The knife is very durable very strong very accurate. The knife with a real nice sheath to put it in but it also has a nice sharpener in it. This knife is freaking sharp. It cleans up really easily, just run it under some water and put a little bit of soap on it and just wipe it down.

Using the latest ‘cutting edge’ technology, the Dalstrong Infinity Blade is crafted in a state of the art facility. Dalstrong knife blade is completely BPA free, leave no chemical leakage, use germ resistant blackened ceramic, nonporous and will never rust. Hand polished and stunning black mirror finish blade by expert craftsman in order to give you a look that stands out in the kitchen and adds beauty to your collection. You can slice and dice longer with less hand fatigue due to a feather light zirconium oxide blade. Also you will also get a microfiber collector’s cloth which can be used to ensure the mirror-black polish of the blade is easily maintained. 

You will get 8″ (eight inch) infinity blade, Dlastrong edge last diamond dust sharpener, BPA free perfect fit protective sheath, Dalstrong polishing cloth with this premium collection set. This harder and stronger knife blade with luxury packaging can be a great gift idea for those who loved to cook.

Ceramic Knife Chef with Sheath Cover Box and Cookbook 8 Inch – Green By VOS

best ceramic knife

A good chef knifes probably the most important tool for a chef in the kitchen. Naturally you use stainless steel knives but when you discover this VOS ceramic knife, you will find another perfect tool for your kitchen. Eight inch (8”) Ceramic knife chef with sheath cover box and cookbook manufactured by Ventura. VOS Ceramic knife is an exceptional cooking and cutting tool and one of the best ceramic knife. It is extremely well balanced for ease of use. It retains its original sharpness up to fifteen times longer than steel knife blade. This knife cuts effortlessly, its rust proof, it does not stink. Also it cleans up easily by just rinsing with water. A professional chef or as a cook need all the help you can get in the kitchen. VOS ceramic eight inch chef knife can replace all the other knives in your kitchen drawer. This knife you will never need to replace.  

VOS ceramic knife weight is very light as a feather, super razor sharp and as pure as snow. This ceramic knife with specially designed grip feels very comfortable when you hold the knife.

You will get a beautifully packaged which you really like the box and the presentation of the knife. This knife will never brown your fruits or vegetables. The knife is recommended only for cutting fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. VOS ceramic eight inch chef knife with a free cookbook is very quality knife at a very reasonable price.

ZenWare Multi Color Ceramic Cutlery Kitchen Knives with Fruit Peeler – Knife Set

ceramic knives review

ZenWare Multi Color Ceramic Cutlery Kitchen Knives with Fruit Peeler – Knife Set is extremely sharp and rarely need to be sharpened. This ceramic knife set included one three inch paring knife, one four inch utility knife, one five inch slicer knife, one six inch knife peeler and a peeler. These ceramic knives set razor sharp and will not absorb odors. Also rust proof and oxidation free. ZenWare ceramic knife is lightweight, easy to clean and long lasting. ZenWare set is excellent for everything from slicing to peeling.

This multicolor ZenWare knife set designed with your taste buds in mind. The ceramic knife set is excellent for slicing fruits, boneless meats and vegetables. As ZenWare Multi Color Ceramic Cutlery won’t absorb odor and will not affected by the acidity in vegetables and fruits.  We highly recommend this quality kitchenware at an affordable price to prepare healthy and easy meals with a unique flare.

MoiChef Premium Ceramic Knife Set – 4 Color Kitchen Knives with White Sheaths in Gift Box

ceramic knife reviews

MoiChef premium ceramic knife set have their own covers in a beautiful designed box. This four color ceramic kitchen knives set is great for gift or if you just want to just for storage is fine magnetic lid. You will really like the different color coding of the knives and wonderful knife packaging.

You can use the paring knife the smallest knife to cut silver skin of boneless meats. Now you will so stoked about these knives. This knife set is very easy to take care and with the extra sheath of the knife you can put the knife in. You can store these in your drawer and you don’t need a butcher block to take up the space of your kitchen table or cluttering up you kitchen. This is just an amazing way of storing knife and if you want to give it as a gift which more impressive.

The handle of the knife is color coded and ergonomically designed, well balanced and comfortable. The knife set includes paring, fruit, utility and chef knife with white sheaths for cover the knife. Blue color three inch paring knife is best for paring fruit and vegetables. Four inch yellow color fruit knife is excellent for cutting fruit. You can use five inch green color utility knife for slicing or food prep. And the chef knife which is red color and six inch for mincing, cutting and dicing.


As per above discussion on best ceramic knives review, we can say ceramic knife is a great tool as it is durable, harder and stronger than a steel knife. You can easily use ceramic knives without constant sharpening them. Ceramic knife is the best for them who do not like to sharp their knives regularly. So less you sharpen a blade probably the better for you. When you put a ceramic knife under the tap, contamination… like odors, bacteria or staining compounds… rinses right off.

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