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best cooking knives set

Best Cooking Knives Set Reviews and Buying Guide

While considering kitchenware, you have to be very careful about the product. Knives are one of the essential parts of your kitchenware collection. Most of the work you are going to do directly or indirectly depend on the knives that are used. It is important to have sharp yet comfortable and save knives in your possession. If you are tired of old, dull-looking greasy knives that cannot even cut through small pieces of meat, then it is time to choose one of the best products in the market. Solna’s Silver Collection consists of 5 amazing knives that are best suited for different purposes in the kitchen. The magnetic cutting board that is included in the package not only allows you to showcase them perfectly in the kitchen but will also help to keep the knife secure on the board while using. You can call them the best cooking knives set available in the market.

The first question that comes to mind when you talk about the magnetic board is how difficult will it be to remove the knife from the board once you are done with your cutting needs. Well, you will be amazed to the perfection in the design. It properly holds the knife while using and when you pull it from the board for washing to switching to another knife from the set, it will get dethatched pretty easily.

The first thing you will notice in the fine set is the 6 inch Cleaver Knife. Also known as the butcher knife, this broad blade is perfect for cutting through thin bones and meat. The second piece in the set is a bread knife. The serrated blades of the knife are perfect for cutting through the soft bread. This 8-inch masterpiece will not let you down while cutting the soft homemade bread. The next piece is the 8-inch slicer knife. Also known as the carving knife, this multipurpose knife is best suited for slicing vegetables and carving meat pieces. The fourth piece is the set is the 5-inch utility knife. This amazing tool is best suited for a lot of different tasks in the kitchen like peeling, trimming, and slicing. It is also a great tool for cleaning fish. This handy knife can also be used to cut sandwiches, slice meat pieces and for smaller precision tasks. The last but not the least is the 3.5 inch Paring Knife. This small yet strong tool is best suited for a lot of general tasks in the kitchen. From peeling to slicing and dicing, this tool can be used in a lot of different ways.

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The kitchenware should be perfect in construction and long lasting. If you know how to maintain your blades then there is no way they will disappoint you at any given time. It is very important to keep the blades clean and sharp. Solna’s Silver Collection requires little attention and in return, they stay with the owner for a very long time.

Product Features

  • Sharp: The blades are sharp and precise in performance. The whole set is designed in such a way that it can handle any task perfectly. You can use them to cut all types of fruits, vegetables, and meats.
  • Performance: The blades are made of stainless steel. They are sharp and precise. The handles are non-slippery and hollow which is a big benefit as it gives the best possible grip. This stylish silver collection will bring the amazing professional touch and elegance to your kitchen.
  • Versatility: All the blades are meant for different purposes. From cutting raw meat to carving the cooked turkey or chicken and from cutting the soft bread to dicing the vegetables. Everything can be done perfectly with these blades.
  • Safety: The first thing that you should take care about while using any blade in the kitchen is your safety. While designing the blades, safety has been kept on the top of the priority list. With the non-slippery hollow handle, you will get the perfect grip. The magnetic board will not allow the blade to slip while using. With Solna’s Silver Collection, you can stay assured that the safety will not be compromised at any level.
  • Guarantee: Though the stainless steel and state-of-the-art construction of the set makes it durable and long lasting but in case you face any issue with the knife at any stage, the set comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. In case any wear or tear, the company will replace your set.


  • Stainless steel blades.
  • The magnetic board that holds the knife while in use.
  • Can also be used to display the knives in the kitchen.
  • The Board is heavy and steady. Do not move while in use.
  • The vast range of knives of different sizes.
  • The blades can be resharpened.
  • Very sharp


  • Though they are made of a very strong material, but have some flex to them.
  • May look costly in comparison to its competitors.

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best rated knives

Why you should buy it and not others

The knives are made of stainless steel. They are durable and versatile. The handles are hollow and have slip-free grip. You can consider the set as best cooking knives set and the lifetime kitchen companion. Though it is unlikely, but in the case of any damage to blades or any part of the set, the company will replace it under lifetime replacement guarantee. These knives are best suited for both home and professional kitchens. The magnetic board that comes with the set holds the knife-in-use perfectly and does not let it slip. This adds to the safety features of the set. The silver collection is elegant and will add perfection to your kitchen.

Bottom line

The overall quality of the knife is unmatched by any competitor in the market. The stainless steel blades do not rust and are very sharp. In the long run, if you need resharpening, it won’t be an issue at all. The best built and amazing customer support makes it the top choice in the market. If you are looking for the best cooking knives set for your personal or professional kitchen which will last long, there is nothing better than Solna’s Silver Collection. You will be amazed at the effort that is involved in the design and manufacturing. No matter you are buying the best cooking knives in the world for yourself or planning to gift it to your wife or friend. This amazing piece will not leave the kitchen counter anytime soon.

How to maintain best cooking knives set

Knowing how to maintain your best kitchen knives is very important for them to last long. Dull, unkept knives in your kitchen may cause unwanted accidents as they may slip while using. Always keep your knives sharp, clean and ready to use. If you do not have the tools ready in your kitchen while cooking, no matter how small the recipe is, it will consume a lot of time.

The first thing to understand is how to clean your knife. While you are using the knife, make sure to wash it with hot water between cutting different ingredients. This will not allow the food particles to stick to the knife and will also help in keeping different flavors apart. Do not leave the knife in the sink or let the food particles dry on it. This will ruin the knife in the long run. Always rinse and wipe it after using.

Always make sure to use hot water and mild soap. Strong soap can ruin the blade and may cause rusting in adverse cases. If the food is sticking to the blade, soak it in the hot water for a few minutes before cleaning it properly. Make sure the hot water is clean and shallow so that you can keep an eye on the knife.

How to wash best cooking knives set safely

While you are washing your cooking knife set, make sure to wash them separately. Do not dump them all together in the sink. Always hold the knife with the blade pointed away from you. Do not allow anything to distract you while washing sharp blades as you may cut yourself while picking them from the bottom of the sink. When you wipe the knife, always start from the dull part and wipe through the sharp part. In this way, you will not come in contact with the sharp blades at any given time. Hold the handle and rinse the knife under hot water. Make sure to keep your hand at a safe distance if the water is too hot.

How to hone best cooking knife

Though many people do not know the difference, but the processes are entirely different. First, let’s talk about honing. This is the process that helps in keeping the blade shape without actually sharpening it. Honing is basically involved a few steps like removing nicks, spurs and re- calibrating the blade in its original form. To hone the knife, use a knife steel. It is a long, rounded tool which may or may not is included in the knife sets that are available in the market. The honing knife is also available as a single piece in online and offline stores. What the process is honing is quite simple, but you should be careful while using the blades to avoid any accidents.

  • First of all, if you are a right handed person, hold the knife steel in your left hand. Reverse the hand as per your primary hand.
  • Now rest the bottom of the steel on the surface in such a way that it won’t slide. You can use a dish towel to hold it perfectly on the counter.
  • Place the heel or the end of the knife that is closest to the handle against the steel rod. Keeps the tip pointing out at 20-degree
  • Now the tricky part starts. You need to slowly pull the knife down. Make sure to maintain the angle. Pull it from heel to tip in such a way that edge is kept against the steel all the way down.
  • Repeat the process for about ten times on each side.
  • Make sure to wipe the blade with a clean cloth to remove any leftover metal dust. Keep it away in the stand or on the board.

How to sharpen the blade

It is very important to keep all the knife in the set sharp. This saves a lot of time and all the process that use the knife will be done with perfection. You can check the sharpness of the knife by cutting a piece of paper with it. If the paper cuts easily, you do not need to get it sharpened else you can sharpen it yourself or get it done by a professional.

If you have an expensive set, it is advised to check with a professional as he knows how to re calibrate the knife properly for best results. If you are a “do it yourself” type of person, follow the steps below with care.

  • Place a wooden cutting board on the counter. Put the whetstone on it keeping the coarse side up.
  • Hold the knife from the handle. Put the edge against the stone. Keep it at an angle of 22 degrees.
  • Use your other hand to stabilize the knife on the stone.
  • Keep in mind to put a moderate pressure. Slide the blade forward. Make sure to maintain the angle and let it flush against the whetstone.
  • Repeat the process for ten times on both sides.
  • Now use the fine grit side of the whetstone and repeat on both sides.
  • You will need to hone the blade after this process.
  • Now rinse the blade with hot water and wipe it with a soft clean cloth.
  • Make sure to put it away safely.

A few general tips to maintain the blade

  • Always use a wood, bamboo or plastic cutting boards. If you use glass, granite, marble, porcelain or any other material, it may damage the blades.
  • While using the blade to shift the food items from cutting board, always make sure to use the dull side of your hand to avoid any cuts.
  • If you are cutting the food larger than the tomatoes, always use 6-8 inch blade.

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Things to keep in mind while buying top rated kitchen knife set

Kitchen knives are very important part of your cooking needs. To make sure you have the best set so that you can perform all the tasks with perfection, keep the following points in mind while buying the best cooking knife set.

Few tips to choose best cooking knives set

  • When you are going to buy a knife set or a single knife, make sure you know what exactly you need. There are a lot of knives available in the market which can be used in different tasks. Some of the examples are an all-purpose utility knife which can be used as the master of all tasks. A chef’s knife which is best suited for chopping, mincing etc. A paring knife which is best suited for peeling, cutting and trimming small food items that you can hold in your hands. A bread knife which can be used to cut soft bread. A cleaver which is best suited for cutting meat and soft bones.
  • Always try the knife in your hand before buying. Make sure the grip is comfortable.
  • Always check how much steel is used in the knife and where is it located. Check for the joints or welding points. If you can see them, avoid that set. Such points are the weak points in the knife and may cause serious accidents while in use.
  • You should know how heavy the knife should be. The weight defines the perfection of different tasks. A lightweight knife is good for speed while the heavyweight knife is ideal for solid food items such as nuts, ginger etc.
  • Make sure the knife is balanced properly. If you want to avoid the accidents in the kitchen, it is very important to use a properly balanced knife.
  • Always consider the long lasting and durable knives. Sets made of stainless steel are the best choice.
  • Focus on the quality and not the brand. There are a lot of brands in the market that do not make good knives. Do not fall for them. Make sure to read the kitchen knives set reviews online or check with a professional for suggestions.
  • Shop for the blades and not for looks. There are a lot of brands in the market that may look elegant but do not have the sharpness you are looking for. Always make sure to choose a set which is elegant in looks and has good, sharp blades. While performing different tasks in the kitchen, if the blades are strong and sharp, it will be really easy for you to complete the first steps of cooking quickly with perfection.
  • Always try to buy a knife set which lasts long. If you buy a set that is made of a durable and long-lasting material, it will stay with you for a long time.


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